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About Hawk Fitness Apparel

Hawk Fitness Apparel 


Based in Nashville,TN. We started in a garage with a 500 watt light, an image, a fan and some ink. 

We first owned a gym in 2010 and wanted to buy a few t-shirts for our personal training clients. 

When no one could do the small order we wanted or even got back to us, we decided to try making them ourselves so we did. 

We lost our gym a couple years later, it meant everything to us.

After all the stress of losing a business as well as too many stressful events one after the other I developed PTSD. 

I didn't know what it was at the time but it's something that took years to get over. 

I took a food delivery job and used those few dollars to start again. 

How I got out of it was NOT GIVING A FUCK. 

NOT GIVING A FUCK if no one understood my struggles. 

NOT GIVING A FUCK to play small so others feel better about themselves.

NOT GIVING A FUCK if saying NOT GIVING A FUCK offended anyone. 

Now, these t-shirts are all hand printed in a home garage using a disassembled computer desk to print on. 

Our garage is our gym, it's our home, it's something we're grateful to have. 

We hope our message empowers you to stop giving a fuck about what others want you to be and to be who you want.